Dubbing Process

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about dubbing process

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Dubbing Process
1 Nowadays
1.1 Digital technology
1.1.1 More freedom for actors
1.2 Pushbutton
1.2.1 No wind reels of tape back and forth
1.3 Dubbing assistant
1.3.1 No slice up a reel into takes
1.4 Dubbing actor
1.4.1 Record their part on their own
1.5 Hi-tech
1.5.1 Actor can perforn and not to be with others actors
1.6 Software/ computer apps
1.6.1 Edit separate pieces of footage
1.6.2 Modify lip sync
1.6.3 Voice quality
2 In the past
2.1 Dubbing translator
2.1.1 Translates and adapts a text
2.2 Dubbing director
2.2.1 Chooses the dubbing actors
2.3 Dubbing assistant
2.3.1 Divides up the fillm into takes/ loops
2.4 Tracks of film
2.4.1 According to the combination of characters appearing
2.5 Voices
2.5.1 Processed be a synthesizer
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