Mental labour

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Mental labour
1 Contrast between industrial and information machines
1.1 Substituting for (and enhancing) physical and mental labour
2 Relations between mental, intellectual and clerical labour
2.1 Relate to the material basis of being
2.2 Practice in advance of consciousness
2.3 Adequacy of existing distinctions
2.3.1 Pre-existing characterisations of mental labour
2.3.2 Intellectual labour
2.3.3 Clerical labour Clerical labour can be described as a machine process Some forms of clerical labour can not be transferred into machine process (Dictiction)
2.3.4 Division of occupations
2.4 Possibility of distinctions corresponding to the material basis of being
3 Semantic
3.1 Examples
3.1.1 Human understanding and composition of written language may be highly intractable computationally
3.1.2 Writing is undifferentiated (no divisions). Mental labor not broken down into intellectual (semantic) / clerical
3.1.3 Spell checker
3.2 As human mental work motivated by direct considerations of meaning
3.3 Semantic labour increasingly exists as the residue of what has not been reduced to a syntactic process
3.4 Semantic labour can exceed syntactic labour or processes
3.5 The divide between intellectual and clerical work is becoming more blurred
4 Syntactic
4.1 Examples
4.1.1 Copying is a form of syntactic labour
4.1.2 Adding numbers
4.2 Motivation
4.2.1 This labour is much cheaper so if a process can be done syntacticly, it will be
4.3 Labour & Process
4.3.1 Motivated or determined by patterns
5 "Syntax is not semantics" (Searle, 1980)
5.1 Warrant for distinction of semantic from syntactic labour (addition of concept of labour).
6 The distinction of semantic from syntactic mental labour has been increasingly adopted
6.1 A fundamental distinction between semantic and syntactic labor lies in the fact that the former is ‘irreducibly human’ and not amenable to mechanization, whereas the latter is ‘transferable to technology as [a form of] machine process.’
7 Orginates as semantic labour
7.1 Syntactic labour progressively separates out
7.1.1 Easier ways to complete tasks are worked out
8 Distinctions with regard to labour
8.1 Universal and communal labour
8.2 Universal labour and syntactic labour
8.3 Communal labour and semantic labour
9 Labour and expertise
9.1 Knowledge as the product of semantic mental labour over time
9.2 Expertise as a manifestation of knowledge
9.3 Exchange value of expertise
10 Results of dynamic of interchange
10.1 Expansion of scope of syntactic processes as a significant result (Expansion of human capacities)
11 Strategic
11.1 If we can understand what is going on, we can intervene more

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