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A-level BIOL4 Mind Map on Photosynthesis, created by prettypriyaz on 01/12/2014.

Created by prettypriyaz almost 6 years ago
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1 Light Dependent Reaction
1.1 In the thylakoid memberane
1.2 Products are ATP & reduced NADP
1.3 Requires Light
1.4 Photolysis is the breaking of H2O molecules to produce protons, electrons andO2
1.4.1 Oxygen diffuses in to the atmosphere
1.5 Light energy excites electrons in cholorophyll
1.6 Electrons move to a higher energy level and passes down the electron transfer chain
1.7 Electrons transfer chain in thylakoids
1.8 Energy is released as electrons travel down the chain
1.9 ATP is generated
1.10 Electrons combine with H+ released from photolysis of H20 to reduce NADP
1.11 Requires light
2 Light independent Reaction
2.1 In the Stroma
2.2 Does not Require Light
2.3 Calvin Cycle
2.4 1. CO2 from the atmosphere combines with Ribulose biphosphate using an enzyme to produce 2 molecules of Glycerate-3-phosphate
2.5 2. This is then reduced to two molecules of triose phosphate, using energy from ATP and from reduced NADP
2.6 3. Triose phosphate is then converted into many organics substances like Glucose
3 Chloroplast
4 Leaf
4.1 Large SA:V to absorb much sunlight as posssible
4.2 Thin:Short diffusion Pathway
4.3 Numerous stomata for gaseous exchange.
4.4 Network of xylem and phloem to transport water and sugars
4.5 Transparent Cuticle - so light can pass through

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