why did Wolsey fall from power in 1529

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Created by george.dap almost 6 years ago
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why did Wolsey fall from power in 1529
1 The Amicable Grant Crisis
1.1 Wolsey was asked to enforce a non parliamentary tax on the rich to help Henry gain money to support a war with France.
1.2 this caused a huge rebellian across Suffolk and east Anglia, resulting in 10,000 men marching on Lavenham
1.3 despite Wolseys unpopularity with the nobles, the Duke of Norfolk and Suffolk did best to try and restore order.
1.4 The Amicable Grant Crisis was abandoned in may 1525
1.5 Henry denied all knowledge of said tax
1.6 the result of the tax, meant that Wolsey switched from alliance from Charles V to Francis
2 Wolsey failed to gain Henry VIII's and Catherine of Aragon's marriage annulment
2.1 Wolsey was expected to have gained Henry the annulment, due to his position as Legate a latere, however because the pope was under the influence of Charles V (Catherine of Aragons neice) he was unable to do so, resulting in a very dissapointed Henry
2.2 This resulted in Henry beginning to ignore Wolsey
2.2.1 For example - Henry took matters into his own hands regarding the annulment Henry sent William Knights to obtain a Papal bull to allow him to marry a women to whom he was already related.
3 Wolseys unpopularity within the Boleyn faction
3.1 He lost support of Anne Boleyn after the failure of the Legatine Court.
3.2 She was also dissapointed with Wolseys failure in gaining the annulment for Henry and Catherine.
3.3 Boleyn was plotting against Wolsey in 1525, July, but Henry was still loyal to his chancellor so he stopped any resistance
3.4 Anne Boleyn was upset by the fact Wolsey set out and achieved in ending the relationship between Henry Percy and herself

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