Relative Clauses

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Relative clauses mind map

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Relative Clauses
1 Defining (identifying)
1.1 We CAN'T erase the relative clause
1.1.1 It's the job which I would like to have
1.1.2 It's the job
1.2 NO commas
1.3 Relative pronoun + preposition
1.3.1 M Barry is the man to whom I sent the letter (Formal)
1.3.2 M Barry is the man I sent the letter to (Standard)
1.4 We can erase the relative pronoun when it refers to the Direct Object
1.4.1 She's the woman who I saw.
1.4.2 She's the woman I saw
1.5 Relative pronouns
1.5.1 Subject People (who/that): She's the woman who (that) reads the news on TV Animals and things (which/that): That's the kind of dog which (that) makes a good pet
1.5.2 People (who/that): She's the woman who I saw on TV to/ for/ whith whom: to whom it may concern... Animals and things (which/that): This is the house which we live in
1.5.3 People, animals and things (whose): She's the woman whose car was stolen
2 Non defining (non-identifying)
2.1 They give extra information, so we CAN erase the relative clause
2.1.1 Jane, who I bought my car, has gone to the States
2.1.2 Jane has gone to the States
2.2 We can't erase the relative pronoun
2.2.1 The summer here, which I don't like, lasts for months
2.2.2 The summer here, I don't like, lasts for months
2.3 We use COMMAS
2.4 Relative Pronouns
2.4.1 Person (who): His wife, who is French, speaks 3 languages Animals/Things (which): The PCs, which have been on sales, proved to be fantastic
2.4.2 Person (who/whom): His wife, who I met in Paris, is brilliant Animals/things (which): The book, which I finished yesterday, is ok
2.4.3 Person/Animals/Things (whose): His wife, whose car was stolen, is very nice
3 relative adverbs
3.1 time
3.1.1 Adverb: That was the year WHEN I graduated
3.1.2 Preposition+ which: That was the year IN WHICH I graduated
3.2 place
3.2.1 Adverb: That's the factory WHERE I work
3.2.2 Preposition + which: That's the factory IN WHICH I work
3.3 reason
3.3.1 Adverb: I'll tell you the reason WHY you were fired
3.3.2 Preposition + which: I'll tell you the reason FOR WHICH you were fired
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