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  1. What is Archaeology
    1. Archaeology is a discipline that is closely associated with History. archaeology is primaly concerned with material evidence.
    2. What is fieldwork?
      1. fieldwork is working on the archaeological fields
      2. Whatare some ways of finding areas of interest for archaeologists
        1. Ariel photography, ground penetrating radar, infra red and thermal imaging equipment.
        2. Why do archaeologists have to spend so much time checking information before doing any work
          1. Because excavation is expensive.
          2. What is context?
            1. Is when the information of the material evidence is checked is found/what you're talking about.
            2. Explain what questions archaeologists have to ask
              1. Where was the object found/ what was in found in (soil etc.)/what was it found with
              2. The team can include:
                1. diggers, trained or untrained/ drafts people,to provide detailed scale drawing
                  1. surveyors/photographers
                    1. Finds specialists/conservators
                2. The tools include:
                  1. brushers,hand towels, small picks hammers, fine dental tools/sifting screens
                    1. buckets to remove debris/notebooks, pencils
                      1. cameras/surveying equipment including GPS
                  2. a brief summary about Troy?
                    1. Ancient troy, on the coast of Aegean sea in modern day turkey, was discovered by Heinrich Schliemann an archaeologists excavated between 1871 to 1890 it was known as Iliad. artefacts found by Schliemann were smuggled by him out of turkey to berlin to Germany.
                    2. a brief summary about mohenjo-dero
                      1. Mohenjo-Daro was the largest and most complex city in Indus valley in India. The site dates from 2600 to 1800 BC . it was accidently found by a Buddhist stupa. Mohenjo was a large and well planned had approximately 250 (h) in size and had good architecture like 2 storey bedrooms and many more etc. etc.
                      2. Name some challenges that archaeologists face?
                        1. 1#some artefacts are fragile 2#changes of the environment 3#human activity(houses, roads etc..) 4#air pollution 5# excavation is expensive
                        2. What is dating?
                          1. dating is when material evidence is put in a chronology of events.
                            1. What is relative dating.
                              1. relative dating involves close examination of the objects context. relative dating is older than the two types of dating
                                1. What is absolute dating?
                                  1. absolute dating is more modern and precise form of dating material evidence.
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