Chpt 2 Unit 3 -Archaeology

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Chpt 2 Unit 3 -Archaeology
    1. Archaeology is a discipline that is closely associated with history
      1. Archaeologists study history
        1. Archaeoligists are primarly concerned with human remains, pottery and tools
        2. FIELDWORK
          1. Much of an archaeoligsts work is Fieldwork
            1. Excavation work is expensive
              1. New tech such as Infra-Red and therma imaging equipment are used to confirm wheteher it is worth excavating the site.
              2. Troy
                1. On the coast on the Aegan sea .
                  1. It was discvered by heinrich Schlieman and was excavated infour stages between 1871 and 1890
                    1. Nine different cities were discovered in the same locartion.The earliest Troy dates from between about 3000 and 2600 BC
                    2. Mohenjo - Daro
                      1. This place was actually accidentaly found
                        1. Largest and complex city of the Indus Valley
                          1. Mohenjo Daro is a large and well planned city approximately 250 hectares large .
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