Paper Chromatography

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Paper Chromatography
1 What is paper chromatography?
1.1 is a technique of using a solvent to separate a mixture into its components for identification purposes and determining of purity.
1.1.1 very useful method to separate and identify components in a sample like dyes in inks, poison in drugs etc.
2 Process: 1.a pencil line is drawn across the chromatography paper to indicate the starting position of mixture spots.
2.1 2. important to use a pencil because inks will sumuge
2.1.1 3. Paper dipped into a solvent mixture dissolve in the solvent and moves up the paper
2.2 results:
3 How does it work?
4 How to identify colourless substances?
4.1 Apply a locating agent on the chromatogram
4.1.1 agents react with the substances to produce a coloured substance
5 applications of chromatography
5.1 separate and identify dyes and drugs
5.1.1 identify chemicals sprayed on vegetables determine purity of a sample
6 Advantages of chromatography
6.1 allow analysis if a tiny amount of chemicals
6.1.1 sensitive and highly reproducible allow analysis of many samples in a time.
7 How do we interpret the result of chromatography?
7.1 If the chromatogram shows food colouring is a mixture of 2 dyes, It is not pure.
7.1.1 But is there is only one spot, it means it is pure,