Chapter 12 - Training

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Chapter 12 - Training
1 On The Job Training
1.1 Methods
1.1.1 Je Du’ing- You follow around someone with more experience than you so you can observe them and gain more experience yourself, this usually occurs when you are a sales assistant.
1.1.2 Job rotation- You could swap jobs with another employee to experience what kind of environment they work in and how they deal with everyday tasks and have a taste of a whole range of jobs. This usually also occurs in supermarkets or sales assistant related jobs.
1.2 Advantages
1.2.1 - Much more cost effective than just hiring someone to teach an employee.
1.2.2 - Allows you to learn the specific roles within the business instead of learning the general way of how to do tasks.
1.2.3 - They are learning as well as doing work for the company, so everybody wins.
1.3 Disadvantages
1.3.1 May take a long time to learn the required skill if they are not qualified to do so or do not understand.
1.3.2 - The person might get in the way of other people and stop them from doing their jobs professionally and efficiently.
2 Off The Job Training
2.1 Methods
2.1.1 Day release- You take time off work to attend a class in a training centre and learn the subject or join a local college for a course.
2.1.2 Sponsored Course- You are paid by the business to take an extended course so you can learn about.
2.1.3 Self-Study- Learn form a book or taking lessons from online and putting them to use to help further your knowledge.
2.2 Advantages
2.2.1 A wider range of skills or qualifications can be obtained
2.2.2 Can learn from outside specialists or experts
2.2.3 Employees can be more confident when starting job
2.3 Disadvantages
2.3.1 More expensive – e.g. transport and accommodation
2.3.2 Lost working time and potential output from employee
2.3.3 New employees may still need some induction training
2.3.4 Employees now have new skills/qualifications and may leave for better jobs
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