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INVERTEBRATES SCIENCE Mind Map on invertebrates, created by bertigiro bertina on 03/14/2016.

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  1. Arthopods
    1. largest invertebrates group
      1. all arthopods have external skeleton
        1. and exoskeleton
      2. crustacean
        1. have to body parts
          1. cephalothrax
            1. abdomen
          2. myriapods
            1. have long, thin segmented bodies many pairs of legs two antennae. livein dark ,damp places
            2. Aranchnids
              1. have two body part:
                1. cephalothorax
                  1. abdomen
                  2. four pairs of legs
                    1. up to eight eyes
                    2. insects
                      1. three body parts
                        1. head, thorax, and abdomen
                          1. have two antennae
                            1. three pairs of legs
                    3. molluscs
                      1. there are three subgroups:
                        1. gastropods, bivalves and cephalopods.
                        2. echinoderms
                          1. live at the bottom of the sea
                            1. they are covered by a hard, spiny skin
                          2. sponges
                            1. live in water
                              1. Are the simplet invertebrates
                            2. annelids
                              1. have a long , soft body moist skin
                                1. live inside the bodies of other animals
                                  1. most annelids live in water and on land
                                  2. cnidarians
                                    1. they have a soft jelli like body
                                      1. jellifish and sea anemones
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