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Drama- Lysistrata,Director's Concept, Macbeth (Lysistrata Summary of scenes) Mind Map on Scene Overviews, created by francine.m on 04/17/2013.

Created by francine.m over 6 years ago
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Scene Overviews
1 Prologe
1.1 Scene between the women
1.2 Lysistrata sets out her plan
1.3 The women take the secret oath to abstain from sex
2 Parados
2.1 Entrance of the chorus of old men
2.2 The old men tried to light a fire outside the acropolis, to smoke out lysistrata and her compaints
2.3 Entrance of the chorus of the old women
2.4 They manage to pour water over the men and there oyre
3 Agon
3.1 The angry magistrate confirs with lysistrata to regain control of the acropolis
3.2 He looses the argument and looses his dignity when the women dress him as a corpse
4 Scene A
4.1 Some of the women are weakening and lysistrata struggles to prevent three of the women from returning to there husbands
5 Chrous
5.1 The old men and old women exchange tales and further insults with each other
6 Scene B
6.1 Cinesias appears with his phallus fully erected and is teased by his wife myhrrine
6.2 The old men sympies with cinesias
6.3 A spartan heraid comes to announce that they want to come make peace because, like the athenians, they are all suffering from sexual fustration
7 Reconciliation Scene
7.1 Deledation of the atenian and spartan leader's each with hard phallus meet to make peace
7.2 Lysistrata acts as an arbitrator and leads both sides off to sign the tretary and the women entertain them
8 Komos
8.1 After a short interlude some drunken athenins appear to say what a wonderful party they have had with the spartians
8.2 They are joined by some drunken spartains and there leader's sing a song with them
8.3 Lysistrata enters to return the wives to there husbands
8.4 They play ends with songs and dances as the celebrations to ever lasting peace and joy

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