Construction technology

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Construction technology
  1. recent developments in construction
    1. improved materials + methods
      1. pre-cast materials
        1. 3D modelling
          1. global positioning system
            1. 3D printing
            2. partnering and framework agreements
              1. project management techniques
                1. Quality standards, bench marking, VM, team working, just-in-time, total quality control
                2. lean thinking
                  1. removing all activities that do not add vlaue to the finished product for customers/. cllient.
                    1. removing waste time and efforts represent the biggest oportuniuty for performance improvement
                    2. Brick size
                      1. 20cm x 20cm x40cm
                        1. 12.5 blocks/m2
                        2. ratio of materials in concrete mix
                          1. 1:2:4
                            1. Cement - fine aggregate - course aggregate
                          2. considerationd when choosing concrete vs. Steel frame
                            1. the programme requirements
                              1. steel is quicker
                              2. design complexity
                                1. steel provides greater flexibility
                                2. Aestetics and client aspirations
                                  1. repetitiveness of design
                                    1. affects temporary works
                                    2. height of building
                                      1. environmental factors
                                        1. conrete can provide thermal massing
                                      2. Concrete Vs. Steel
                                        1. fast construction as most frames are ready made
                                          1. smaller size for smae strenght requirements. light weight of structure
                                            1. concrete frmaes cost more than steel frames
                                              1. more site storage area is required fror steel framed buildings
                                                1. long time to produce steel
                                                  1. Advantages of Steel
                                                    1. quick to assemble
                                                      1. 100% recyclable
                                                        1. highest strength to weight ratio
                                                          1. vulnerable to termites/ fungal infection
                                                            1. dimensionally stable - doesnt expand and contract
                                                              1. light steel componants
                                                                1. non-combustible - will not spread fire
                                                                  1. lighter & therefore poor soil conditions will need steel over concrete
                                                                  2. disadvantages of Steel
                                                                    1. needs fire protection
                                                                      1. parts need replacing
                                                                        1. needs experienced builders
                                                                          1. steel components can fail in fires
                                                                          2. Advantages of concrete
                                                                            1. cost for concrete are slightly less than steel
                                                                              1. dding can be fixed on it and replaced easily
                                                                                1. good sound and heat insulation
                                                                                  1. can deal with complex geometry
                                                                                    1. fire protection is apart of the structure
                                                                                      1. in-situ allows alteration at a late stage
                                                                                        1. slower form of construction at this early stage will reduce the cash flow early on
                                                                                        2. disadvantages of concrete
                                                                                          1. more time consuming
                                                                                            1. need for steel reinforcement
                                                                                              1. heavier and needs bigger foundations
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