S01 - Topography of the Major Features of the Brain and Spinal Cord

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S01 - Topography of the Major Features of the Brain and Spinal Cord
1 Recognise the major features of the anatomy of the brain and spinal cord as seen externally and in coronal and transverse sections and summarise the major functions of these areas
1.1 Lobes
1.1.1 Temporal Language
1.1.2 Parietal Movement
1.1.3 Occipital Vision
1.1.4 Frontal Planning
1.2 Brainstem
1.2.1 Medulla
1.2.2 Pons
1.3 Midbrain
1.3.1 Tegmentum
1.3.2 Tectum
1.4 Limbic System
1.4.1 Thalamus
1.4.2 Hypothalamus
2 Describe the major functions of the cerebral cortex, cerebral white matter, basal ganglia, diencephalon, brainstem and cerebellum
2.1 Cerebral Cortex
2.2 Cerebral white matter
2.2.1 Due to myelinated axons - signals
2.3 Basal Ganglia
2.3.1 Voluntary control
2.3.2 Action Selection Which action to select at any one time
2.3.3 Habits
2.3.4 Emotional
2.4 Diencephalon
2.4.1 Thalamus Junctional area for sensory neurones
2.4.2 Hypothalamus Controls visceral autonomic nervous system e.g. fight or flight response
2.4.3 Pineal Gland Controls circadian rhythm
2.4.4 Pituitary Gland Endocrine function
2.5 Brainstem
2.5.1 Pons Switchboard connecting cerebellum to cerebral cortex Latin for bridge
2.5.2 Medulla Decussation occurs here Relay information Touch Taste Hearing
2.6 Cerebellum
2.6.1 Movement centre
3 Identify normal anatomical features of the brain on images produced by CT and MRI scanning
3.1 CT Scan
3.2 MRI scan
4 Identify and describe the blood supply to and from the brain and spinal cord on specimens and angiograms and appreciate its clinical significance
4.1 Brain Blood Supply
4.1.1 Anterior Cerebral Artery
4.1.2 Middle Cerebral Artery
4.1.3 Posterior Cerebral Artery
4.2 Spinal Cord
5 Identify and locate major functional areas of the cerebellum and brainstem from external views including the attachments of cranial nerves.
5.1 Functional Areas
5.1.1 Cerebellum
5.1.2 Pons
5.1.3 Medulla
5.2 Cranial Nerve Attachments
5.2.1 Telencephalon Olfactory
5.2.2 Diencephalon Optic
5.2.3 Mesencephalon Occulomotor Trochlear
5.2.4 Pons Trigeminal Abducent Facial
5.2.5 Medulla Vestibulocochlear Glossopharyngeal Vagus Accessory Hypoglossal
6 Identify and describe the functional areas of the spinal cord in transverse section, and describe the major features that differentiate spinal segments from different regions
6.1 Features of spinal cord
6.2 Sections
7 Locate and identify cranial nerves and their foramen on specimens, models and diagrams; and describe the functions of each cranial nerve
7.1 Functions and Foramen
7.1.1 Olfactory Smell Cribiform Plate
7.1.2 Optic Sight Optic canal
7.1.3 Occulomotor Pupillary muscles and ciliary muscles Superior Orbital Fissure
7.1.4 Trochlear Superior Oblique Muscle Superior Orbital Fissure
7.1.5 Trigeminal Opthalmic Sensory; eyes, nose etc. SOF Maxillary Oral and nasal cavities Foramen Rotundum Mandibular Lower lip, cheek, face etc. Foramen Ovale
7.1.6 Abducent Lateral Rectus muscle SOF
7.1.7 Facial Nerve Temporal Zygomatic Buccal Marginal Mandibular Cervical Innervates Salivary Glands Facial muscles Taste from anterior 2/3 of tongue Stylomastoid foramen
7.1.8 Vestibulocochlear Balance and hearing Internal Acoustic Meatus
7.1.9 Glossopharyngeal Posterior 1/3 of tongue, carotid body and sinus, palatine tonsils, parotid gland etc. Jugular foramen
7.1.10 Vagus Heart, soft palate, larynx Jugular Foramen
7.1.11 Accessory SCM and Trapezius Jugular Foramen
7.1.12 Hypoglossal Hypoglossal Canal Hypoglossus, genioglossus and styloglossus muscles + all intrinsic muscles of tongue