2nd -telegraph

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2nd -telegraph
1 History/Background
1.2 The term was used in 1792 using two greek words; tele "far" and graphen "to write" but the principle is much older.
1.3 The earliest forms of telegraphy were smoke, fire, and drum signals. Around 300 B.C. Greeks made a plan/ method of alphabetic signaling using large vases visible from a distance. The vases used a system of grids with row and columns.
1.4 A similar system was used by midieval prisoners using tapping signals between cells, using grids. In the late 18th century optical telegraphs were invented by Claude Chappe in France and George Murray in England. They were called semaphores, they relayed messages from hilltop to hilltop using telescopes.
2 Essential Question
2.1 How would our world be without the telegraph ? Did You ever think that we would some day the telegraph would be outdated and we would all have affordable hand held devices , far more advanced than the telegraph ? How did the morse code become an idea or theory?
3 Impact on society
3.1 it made communication alot faster
3.2 It ended the pony express
3.3 The lines were super expensive . Many peoples atxes went to the building of them
4 important information about the telegraph
4.1 * How it works
4.1.1 an electric circuit is consisting of 3 parts linked by wire .The battery supplied voltage . Morse code completed the electric circuit and the electromagnetic circuit for the sounder
4.2 Morse code -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. .
4.2.1 Is a series of dots and dashes representing the alphabet
4.2.2 held for a short amount of time - dot held for a longer period of time - line
4.2.3 the sender would hi the button on the telegraph, making the button on the other side press down . Leaving a mark . All this was done due to electromagnetic waves from the wires
4.3 The telegraph was made in 1837
4.3.1 Ithe City was Morrison New Jersey Samuel Morris was the inventor Fun Facts on Morse - Graduated from Yale , He was born in Boston . He also was an american Painter
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