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1 Essential Question
1.1 How did the revolver change how fire arms are made?
1.2 How does the revolver change society in the future
1.3 How will the revolver affect US in the future?
2 Details
2.1 A revolver is a repeating pistol that uses a multi-chambered revolving cylinder behind one barrel
2.1.1 The Revolver carries six-five bullets before reloading
2.1.2 The revolver Samuel Colt invented was the percussion revolver, "cap-and-ball" style.
2.1.3 Cartridge revolvers used the rim-fire copper cartridge instead of the percussion-cap nipple, this allowed it to be loaded in quicker than the older "cap-and-ball" revolver
3 Impact on Society
3.1 Political: The army used it for the Mexican-American War and it helped the Westward expansion. People now had a weapon that can protect them and it made them possible to like in the west.
3.2 Economical: Revolver companies profited very much. Revolver became one of the major exports of the US
3.3 Social: The revolver became an iconic firearm for the people living in the west, like cowboys and pioneers.
4 Background and history
4.1 1000 revolvers were ordered by the US government for the Mexican-American War.
4.2 Samuel Colt had been working on a wooden model of the revolver during his teenage years but in 1835, he officially patented a working version
4.3 Manufacturing of revolvers were dominated by Colt until his patent expired on 1857. Now Americans Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson ( now Smith & Wesson brand) has invented the first cartridge revolver.
4.4 The first sales of the revolvers had been slow and the manufacturing company that produced it was closed in 1843 (Paterson)
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