Production of Urea

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La producción de Urea

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Production of Urea
  1. Overview
    1. Urea is a colorless crystalline chemical compound. Its formula is CO(NH2)2.
      1. Is the product terminal of the metabolism of man and others mammals, and is excreted in large quantities in the urine.
        1. It is obtained by synthesis. Designed by the German chemist Friedrich Wohler´s (1828).
          1. It was the first organic substance artificially obtained and it is the base of many fertilizers.
          2. Obtaining
            1. Step 1: Forming an intermediate product called ammonium carbamate.
              1. Step 2: Dehydration of the carbamate to form urea.
                1. From liquid NH3 and CO2 gas.
                2. Production
                  1. Stage 2: Carbamate formation occurs rapidly and exothermically (releases heat).
                    1. Stage 3:: The carbamate is dehydrated in an exothermic and slow reaction.
                      1. Stage 4: Urea synthesis occurs in a vertical stainless steel reactor at 190 degrees celsius about 45 minutes. This happens in 2 steps: Evaporation and then the concentration.
                        1. Stage 1: Its is obtained by the reaction between carbon dioxyde and ammonia.
                          1. Stage 5: The concentrated urea passed to a prilling tower, which allows the formation of small beads of urea.
                            1. Stage 6: The final product is transported to be store and then sold.
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