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1 Memory is the process where information is retained from the past
2 Three types of memory:
2.1 Sensory memory
2.1.1 Visual and auditory information which passes through our senses briefly from the result of spontaneous decay
2.2 Short term memory
2.2.1 STM has a limited capacity and duration, this means that we can remember little amounts of information in a short space of time
2.3 Long term memory
2.3.1 LTM has an unlimited capacity and is permanent, this means that large pieces of information can be stored for up to a lifetime
3 STM and LTM differ in terms of:
3.1 Duration: the time in which the memory lasts for
3.2 Capacity: the amount of information the memory can hold
4 Research: Peterson and Peterson 1959) investigated the duration of STM
4.1 Method: Participants were shown nonsense triagrams and were asked to recall after 3,6,9...up to 18 seconds. During the pause, they were given an inference task which prevented them from repeating the letters in their heads
4.1.1 Results: After 3 seconds, participants were able to recall 80% of triagrams correctly, meanwhile after 18 seconds only 10% could correctly recall the triagrams Conclusion: After 18 seconds, little information can stay in STM when rehearsal is prevented Evaluation: The Peterson and Peterson experiment is a lab experiment which causes it to have low ecological validity, this means that it doesn't really appeal to real life situations. Furthermore, the nonsense triagrams are artificial which also lacks in terms of the validity of the experiment. However, as the experiment is lab-based any variables can be strictly monitored.
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