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1 iPhone
1.1 We used our phones for many different purposes in the construction of our video. One way was for lighting, we used the torches on our phone to provide the correct lighting and ensure everything was visible. Secondly we used them to play the song when filming any lip sync shots to ensure it was in time with the music. We also used our phones to film some of the footage such as the shot of our artist dancing underneath the rainbow which was shot more spontaneously.
2 YouTube
2.1 We used YouTube as the main technology to publish our music video. We thought that because of it's large amount of users it would be the most appropriate and is often used by artists to publish their videos on Vevo accounts.
3 Adobe Premiere Pro
3.1 This is the software that we used during the editing process of our music video. We also used it in the construction of our preliminary task so were fairly familiar with this technology. The software comes with many preset transitions and effects which we were able to use during construction to create an effective and interesting video.
4 USB Stick
4.1 We used a USB stick during technological troubles when the computer we had began editing on would not allow us to import any new videos. We had to use a memory stick to transfer any videos so that we were able to continue with the construction and editing process.
5 Fireworks
5.1 Fireworks was mainly used for the construction of our digipak although we did also use it for the first few drafts of our advert. My group and I were unfamiliar with the software until came to the actual construction and so it took us a while to familiarise with the software and use it to the best of our abilities. I also briefly used fireworks in the construction of our merchandise.
6 Microphone
6.1 We used the microphone more as a prop than technologically. In the shots of our artist in the recording studio we wanted it to be as realistic as possible so showed her singing into a microphone.
7 Headphones
7.1 We used headphones while filming the recording studio shots however we did not have these plugged in as they were just a prop for effect. We then used headphones when editing so that we could listen to the song and align the lip sync without interrupting anyone else who might be working in the surrounding area.
8 Fotor
8.1 We used Fotor when editing our advert, tour poster and merchandise. It is an online editing service that we used mainly to add text to images which we edited using fireworks and photoshop. The fonts Cinzel-Decorative Bold that we used for our artist name and Hind Medium for the album title were both taken from this website.
9 Photoshop
9.1 We used Photoshop during the construction of our digipak and advert. We used it mainly to remove any imperfections on our artist and smoothen and shape her legs. I also used photoshop to change the background colour on our advert to black and white which was also used in our digipak and to remove any unnecessary props such as the Winnie the Pooh Pillow.
10 Vimeo
10.1 We used vimeo to publish the first draft of our music video as we were having technical problems when trying to upload it to youtube. When it came to our next drafts however we had corrected these problems and were able to upload them to youtube.
11 Sony HD Camera
11.1 The high majority of our music video was recorded on a Sony HD Camera using an SD card. This was the best camera that we had access to and worked with any extra equipment we had such as tripods. We used these cameras for our music video as well as the construction of our preliminary task which helped us to get used to them and in any other video work for my blog. I found that these cameras were of a quite good quality to show our video clearly and were simple to use.
12 Canon Mark 2
12.1 We used this camera for the photographs used for our digipak and advert. This is a high quality camera that we used to obtain high quality professional shots of our artist. I think with the help of this camera and lighting techniques we were able to take very clear photos.
13 PicsArt
13.1 PicsArt is an iPhone app that we used to edit the photos for our digipak and advert. The main effect that we used from this app was the Holga filter which provided the 3D effect on our digipak and tour poster. We also used this app to remove any imperfections such as bruises on our artists legs along with photoshop.

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