Bloody Sunday

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Bloody Sunday
1 Origins
1.1 rising cost of living
1.2 falling wages/unemployment
1.2.1 Oct 1903-04 real wages down by a quarter
1.2.2 Dec 1904 4 workers dismissed from Putilov Steel Works largest industrial factory in Petrograd Jan 1905 workers on strike = 120 000
1.3 Father Gapon
1.3.1 peasant family
1.3.2 minor involvement in rev groups
1.3.3 Assembly of Russian Factory Workers est 1904 support workers + pursue industrial reform 6000-8000 members
2 Events
2.1 Preparation
2.1.1 sent letters to Tsar and Mirskii (MoI)
2.1.2 believed Tsar would return to meet people
2.2 9 January 1905
2.2.1 worker and families march towards Winter Palace 150 000 petition outlining grievances 8 hour day employers discuss needs with abolish law against trade unions set wages in agreement with workers increase wages of unskilled workers and women to 1 rouble per day abolish overtime provide appropriate medical care carried potrait of the Tsar
2.2.2 police panic fired at near Winter Palace 40 dead Nevsky Prospect cavalry and cannons blocked entrance to Palace Square estimates then = 4600 killed/wounded recent = 800 injured, 200 dead
3 Outcomes
3.1 reputation of Tsar suffered
3.1.1 held responsible (even though not present)
3.1.2 'It was their faith in the tsar that was riddled with bullets that day' CPSU
3.1.3 'Nicholas the Bloody' instead of Little Father
3.2 Further discontent (1905 Revolution)
3.2.1 workers 400 000 on strike January october = general strike 14 Oct Mosc and Petr economies paralysed
3.2.2 peasants feared govt would seize property of those unable to repay mortgages seized estates lack of troops isolation local govt paralysed by October badly organised at local level no process for crisis nationalities/autonomy
3.2.3 military Manchuria return troops mutinied took control of Trans-Sib some weeks Potemkin mutinied 14 June murdered officers, sailed to Rumania
3.2.4 students 3000 Moscow Uni 18 march all forcibly closed
3.3 Rev groups formed
3.3.1 Union of Unions intelligentsia connection to people Pavel Milyukov Const Ass, voting rights
3.3.2 soviets end of 1905 = 80 power base for SRs
3.4 October Manifesto
3.4.1 17 October 1905
3.4.2 concessions civil freedoms assembly speech association voting rights every law needs Duma confirmation
3.4.3 responses rev groups Octobrists accepted Kadets pursued more concessions soviets saw as 'fraud' called for further action workers couldn't afford soviets lost influence ws disengaged from political demands crippled Moscow uprising chairman Nosar arrested 260 deps (1/2) arrested 3 Dec 6 december called for strike crippled city troops sent in = 1000 dead Petrograd figures arrested following Moscow peasants land + lower taxes had to be repressed land red 1/2ed - later cancelled
3.4.4 Grand Duke Nicholas threated to shoot himself in the head if didn't accept
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