CCDA 200-310 CAP-02 Modular Network Desing

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CCDA 200-310 CAP-02 Modular Network Desing

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CCDA 200-310 CAP-02 Modular Network Desing
1 Designing the Network Hierarchy
1.1 Access layer
1.2 Distribution layer
1.3 Core layer
2 Modularizing Network Design
2.1 Enterprise campus
2.1.1 Building access
2.1.2 Building distribution
2.1.3 Campus core
2.1.4 Server farm and data center
2.2 Enterprise edge
2.2.1 E-commerce
2.2.2 Internet connectivity
2.2.3 WAN and MAN site-to-site VPN
2.2.4 Remote access and VPN
2.3 WAN and Internet
2.4 Enterprise branch
2.5 Enterprise data center
2.6 Enterprise teleworker
3 Identifying Infrastructure Services
3.1 Security
3.1.1 internal and external attacks
3.2 redundancy
3.2.1 Adding redundant devices
3.2.2 Adding redundant devices
3.2.3 Advertising multiple routes to reach a destination network
3.2.4 Adding redundant links for load balancing and to accommodate for a link failure
3.3 Voice
3.3.1 IP phone
3.3.2 Gatekeeper
3.3.3 Gateway
3.3.4 Multipoint control unit (MCU)
3.3.5 Call agent
3.3.6 Application server
3.3.7 Videoconference station
3.4 Wireless
3.4.1 End devices
3.4.2 Wireless access points
3.4.3 Existing routed and switched wired network
3.4.4 Wireless LAN controller
3.5 Application Networking Services (ANS)
3.5.1 Cisco Wide Area Application Engine (WAE)
3.5.2 Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS)
3.5.3 Cisco 2600/3600/3700 Series Content Engine Module
4 Specifying Network Management Protocols and Features
4.1 network management solution
4.1.1 Network Management System (NMS)
4.1.2 Network Management Protocols Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base (MIB) Remote Monitoring (RMON) RMON2 (3-7) RMON! (1-2)
4.2 Managed network elements
4.2.1 RMON
4.2.2 Managed device
4.2.3 Management agent
4.2.4 Management information
4.3 Other applications
4.3.1 NetFlow
4.3.2 Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
4.3.3 Syslog
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