Gabriel Utterson

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Gabriel Utterson
1 Utterson is a typically rational Victorian gentleman- he's "a lover of the sane and customary sides of life".
1.1 He is a lawyer and he approaches the mystery in the same way he'd approach a case. He weighs up the evidence and tries reach a balanced, unbiased evaluation of the facts.
1.1.1 He's unwilling to consider any explanation which threatens to upset his rational way of thinking. He concludes that Jekyll has locked himself in the cabinet because he's suffering from a disease- he thinks this is a "plain and natural" explanation, unlike Poole's murder theory. Utterson doesn't suspect a supernatural explanation, although he's aware that something strange is going on. Enfield's story about Hyde gives Utterson mightmares Utterson feels "mental perplexity" when he meets Hyde for the first time- he's confused because it's impossible to use reason to make sense of something that has a supernatural explanation. The memory if Hyde makes Utterson feel a "shuder in his blood". The supernatural nature of Hyde is strong enough to affect Utterson's emotions, which he usually tries to control.
2 There is something about Hyde that particularly affects Utterson. He feels "a singularly strong, almost an inordinate, curiosity" to see Hyde ad he does everything he can to do so- he waits outside the door" by al lights and at all hours."
2.1 Without Utterson's interest the reader would never get the bottom of things.
3 Utterson is described as "austere" - he's strict with himself and doesn't allow himself many pleasures. For example, he enjoys the theatre but hasn't been to one for twenty years.
3.1 Utterson does not smile as much
3.1.1 People enjoy his company because his "rich silence" is calming after the "strain" of making light-hearted conversation. He's a model of Victorian restraint.
4 Utterson wants to maintain respectability, order and propriety.
4.1 He's aware of the importance of reputation, which is why he's so concerned for Jekyll's good name- after Carew's murder, Utterson's concern is that Jekyll's name might appear at the trial.
4.1.1 He does not gossip or go against his sense of restraint to discover the truth.
5 Although reputation is important to Utterson, he is not judgemental.
5.1 He's loyal to those who get into trouble and tries to help them
5.1.1 Utterson has a complicated attitude towards his own dark side: Although his past was "fairly blameless", he feels bad for what he views as the "many ill things" he's done- like Jekyll, Utterson sets himself high standardsby avoiding what he sees as sinful behaviour. He's been tempted to sin and feels a strange "envy" for those who can indulge in their misdeeds.
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