Population Indicators

Jacob Crawford
Mind Map by , created over 6 years ago

Geogrpahy Mind Map on Population Indicators, created by Jacob Crawford on 04/18/2013.

Jacob Crawford
Created by Jacob Crawford over 6 years ago
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Population Indicators
1 Population distribution
1.1 the way in which people are spread over an area
2 Population density
2.1 the amount of people living in a specified area
3 Vital Rates
3.1 Birth Rates
3.1.1 Number of live births per 1000 people, per year
3.2 Death Rates
3.2.1 Number of deaths per 1000, per year
4 Infant Mortality Rate
4.1 Number of Children who die before the age of 1, per 1000 live births
5 Fertility Rate
5.1 Average number of children a woman will have between her reproductive years (15-44)

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