Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Oliver Wendell Holmes
1 The West End Reaper
1.1 Caped, Bat-like
1.2 Jack Burke
1.2.1 bodysnatcher
1.2.2 Fanny Burke kills men to sell bodies to medical institution
1.2.3 approached by the Reaper for help
2 Mr Pratt
2.1 The Nightwatch, arrogant, Squirrel-Moustache
3 Mr. Lyons
3.1 The Constable
4 Dr. Nathaniel Berry
4.1 The Housephysician, delivered Aurnia's Baby
4.2 3. Victim of the Reaper
5 Dr. Chester Crouch
5.1 treating female patients before and after labour
5.2 Nurse Mary Robbins
5.2.1 2. Victim of the Reaper
5.3 Nurse Agnes Poole
5.3.1 1. Victim of the Reaper
5.4 Nurse Cabbott
6 Edward Kingston
6.1 arrogant
7 Charles Lackaway
7.1 Eliza Lackaway
7.1.1 Dr. Grenville's sister, Charles' mother
7.1.2 wanted to pursue the study of medicine
7.2 Dr. Aldous Grenville
7.2.1 Charles' uncle, dean of the medical college
7.2.2 Dr. Sherwood Welliver friend of Dr. Grenville The Welliver Twins: Gwendolyn & Kitty
8 Norris Marshall
8.1 farmboy, "New people"
9 Rose Connolly
9.1 Aurnia Tate
9.1.1 Baby Margarete "Meggie" Hepzibah, the Wetnurse
9.2 "Dim Billy"
10 Eben Tate
10.1 Gareth Wilson
10.1.1 charged to find Meggie
11 Dr. Sewall
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