Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway
1 "Item I gyve unto my wife my second best bed"-epigraph
1.1 For centuries this extract from Shakespeare's will has been used as evidence to suggest that the relationship between Shakespeare and Anne was loveless. It indicates that he did not even think highly enough of her to leave his best bed and instead opted for the second best suggesting that he looked on her as second best. However apart from this extract there is little further evidence to suggest that this idea is true.
2 "The bed we loved in was a spinning world"
2.1 Here Duffy immediately negates the epigraph and the apparent assertion that Shakespeare and Anne's relationship was loveless. Just as the world is vast and the backdrop to a persons life, so too is the bed central to the couples entire existence. The word choice of 'spinning indicates the frantic dizziness that follows the couples lovemaking showing the intense passion that exists between them
3 "of forests, castles, torchlight, clifftops, seas."
3.1 By listing these very dramatic locations, many of which are featured in Shakespearean plays, Duffy emphasises the fact that the bed is a place of drama and adventure for the couple highlighting again the great passion between the two. The fact that these locations are central to shakespeares writing suggests that he is inspired by the bed and there lovemaking showing how central Anne is to his art.
4 "Where he would dive for pearls"
4.1 Just as a diver is in search for precious items such as pearl, so too does Shakespeare view his wife's atomy as being very precious to him. This imagery describes a sexual scene between the couple showing their love and passion, further negating the epigraph. The line also links to shakespere's play 'The Tempest' where a character dives for pearls showing a connection between anne and his writing.
5 "Romance and drama played by touch, by scent, by taste"
5.1 The word choice of 'romance' creates a soft tender image of the love the two shared, 'drama' shows another side to their relationship, one of frantic lovemaking and passion. The listing of all the scents indicates how they are all stimulated by sex . It also indicates that unlike the audience who only get to watch Shakespeare's plays, Anne gets to know every facet of him intimately with all of her senses.
6 "Some nights I dreamed he'd written me, the bed, a page beneath his writers hands."
6.1 The word choice of 'written me' suggests that Shakespeare uses Anne as inspiration for characters within his work. Again showing a connection between Anne and his art. Just as a page is brought to life by Shakespeare's writing so too is Anne brought to life through their love making on the bed, again negating the epigraph drawing our attention to their passion
7 "My lovers words were shooting stars which fell to earth as kisses on these lips"
7.1 Just as shooting stars are intense incredible and beautiful so too are shakespeares words. This line implies that Shakespeare would utter his writing to Anne during sex showing how that Anne is a crucial part of his writing process. The word choice of 'kisses' draws our attention to the fact that she equates his words to kisses and so is therefore aroused by them.
8 "Now echo assonance, his touch, a verb dancing in the centre of a noun"
8.1 Just as assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds, 'ooo,' 'aaa,' 'eee,' so too does Anne make these noises during sex. Duffy uses poetic terminology to describe the couples relationship highlighting how crucial their love is to his art. Just as a verb is a doing word so too is Shakespeare full of action when in bed, this again shows his passion towards Anne.
9 'My living, laughing, love'
9.1 Shakespeare draws the readers attention through the repletion of the long 'L' sound which slows the pace of the poem indication a change. the final lines of the poem are the now widowed Anne's reminiscent thoughts of her deceased husband. The word choice of 'living' indicates that Anne feels Shakespeare will live on in her mind through her intimate memories of him. The word 'laughing' creates the idea that their relationship was one of joy and happiness and finally the word 'love' indicates that their love was a central asset to them as a couple and their entire relationship revolved around it.
10 "I hold him in the casket of my widows head, as he held me upon that next best bed."
10.1 Just as a casket is a chest used to store precious objects so too will Anne store her precious memories of her husband in her mind. Casket is also another word for coffin which draws our attention to Shakespeare's death. Just as Shakespeare's sonnets end in a rhyming couplet so too does this play end in one showing the closeness of the couple. The word choice of held creates a soft tender image of their lovemaking on that second best bed that was once thought to be an insult to Anne.
11 "In the other bed, the best, our guests dozed on dribbling their prose."
11.1 This line reminds us of the assertion made by historians that the best bed would have been reserved for guests while the marital bed was traditionally the second best showing that his will was not intended as an insult. The word choice of dribbling implies an unconscious action and prose creates the idea of something common and ordinary- unlike the poetry created by the couple in the other bed.
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