Reliving the Horrors

Oliver Renwick
Mind Map by , created over 5 years ago

Mind Map on Reliving the Horrors, created by Oliver Renwick on 01/24/2014.

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Oliver Renwick
Created by Oliver Renwick over 5 years ago
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Reliving the Horrors
1 Ending
1.1 After carnage, surveying as a survivor
1.2 The horror of what happened there
2 Based on charge of the light brigade
3 Talks about their charge into battle
3.1 The sights and sounds of the battle
3.1.1 Gunpowder, explosions- felt like god's anger
3.2 The wait for zero hour
3.2.1 The nerves and anticipation
4 Showing off the horrors of war
4.1 The mental effects on the survivor
5 The charge against the guns
5.1 Their friends being mown down next to them
6 From the perspective of the survivors, who charged
6.1 Their opinions about the charge
6.2 Survivor called Edwin Hughes
7 All that for nothing
7.1 Feelings of regret

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