Unit Two Physics 1

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Based on the specification and is 3.2.1 part A - How is motion described.

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Unit Two Physics 1
1 Vector
1.1 Has Magnitude
1.2 Has Direction
1.3 Examples
1.3.1 Velocity
1.3.2 Displacement
1.3.3 Force
2 Scalar
2.1 Has magnitude
2.2 No direction
2.3 Examples
2.3.1 Speed
2.3.2 Distance
3 Adding Vectors
3.1 Same direction
3.1.1 Add vectors Get resultant
4 Subtracting Vectors
4.1 Opposite direction
4.1.1 Add a negative Get resultant
5 Head and Tail winds
5.1 Head Winds
5.1.1 Reduces speed
5.1.2 Acts as a resistive force
5.1.3 Minus the forces
5.2 Tail Winds
5.2.1 Act as a driving force
5.2.2 Increases speed
6 Vectors not on the horizontal
6.1 Triangles
6.1.1 Join the heads and tails
6.1.2 Resultant found by joining the tail of the first with the head of the second
6.1.3 Find Magnitude Pythagrus Theorum Direction Find the angle Trigonometry
7 Cross currents
7.1 Flow parallel to the bank
7.2 Take boats off course
7.3 When solving them
7.3.1 Draw north line
8 Lift drag and Thrust
8.1 Caused by the shape of the wing
8.1.1 Top of the wing is curved more than the bottom Air moves faster on top then under Faster air produces less pressure above then bellow Creates a net upward force
8.2 Driving force
8.2.1 Produced by pull of propeller or push of jet engine Forces exhaust backwards pushing it forward
8.3 Risistive force of the air
8.3.1 Slow aircraft down
8.4 Thrust=drag when traveling at a constant speed
9 Resolving velocities
9.1 If you have an angle and a resultant
9.1.1 Split into an easterly and northerly component Use to find initial velocity of horizontal and vertical forces
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