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Quote Analysis of Estella
  1. 'very pretty and seemed very proud'
    1. Pip's first impression of her
      1. Her only traits. No personality since she has been molded to be cold and a heartbreaker
      2. 'her light came along the dark passage like a star'
        1. Biblical story, star guides the wise men and sheppards. Pip's life is guided by Estella due to his love for her
          1. Stella means star
            1. Candles burn. Suggests that Estella will hurt Pip, who will follow her
              1. Stars are distant, cold, dead and out of reach. Estella has no heart, she is cold and rebukes Pip's advances
              2. 'We have no choice, you and I, but to obey our instructions. We are not free to follow our own devices, you and I.'
                1. Estella + Pip cannot control their own lives, both are governed by benefactors (Miss Havisham + Magwitch)
                2. 'taking me about, and introducing me, and showing people to me, and showing me to people.'
                  1. She is treated like an object, she was brought up like one too
                  2. 'her calm face was like a statue's.'
                    1. Statues don't have feelings
                      1. Statues are cold stone
                        1. Statues are rigid + hard
                        2. 'conditions of the men whom she had fascinated'
                          1. She is an exhibit, an object
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