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1 "The unguessable country of marriage"
1.1 "The faery solitude of the place...spiked gate, his castle that lay on the very bosom of the sea...cut off by the home neither on the land nor on the water, a mysterious, amphibious place"
1.1.1 "But were all honour-bound to let me carry it no further" "If my music had first ensnared him, then might it not also give me the power to free myself from him?"
1.1.2 "the blood pounded in my ears as if we had been precipitated to the bottom of the sea"
1.2 "In the Turret suite he had given for my very own, I could gaze out...and imagine myself Queen of the Sea"
1.2.1 "what should I do now, how shall I pass the long, sea-lit hours until my husband beds me? I shivered to think of that." "The heavy hangings on the wall muffled my footsteps" "My first thought, when I saw the ring for which I had sold myself to this fate, was, how to escape it." "My husband had indeed returned" "No paint, nor powder, no matter how thick of white, can mask that red mark on my forehead"
1.2.2 "the dead waste of time I foresaw before me" "this lovely prison of which I was both the inmate and the mistress"
2 "When he put the gold band on my finger, I had...ceased to be her child in becoming his wife"
2.1 "A dozen husbands approach me"
2.1.1 "there was nowhere to go"
3 "His wedding gift, clasped around my throat. A choker"
3.1 "an unknown, never-to-be-visited station"
3.1.1 "all the paraphernalia of the everyday world from which I...had exiled myself...Into marriage, into exile"
3.1.2 "I clung to him as though the only one who had inflicted the pain could comfort me"
3.1.3 "And I would have to content with that" "I was afraid, not so much of him, of his monstrous presence"
3.2 "I felt a certain tension in the pit of my stomach, to be so watched, in such silence"
3.3 "I had been tricked into my own betrayal"

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