Internal & External Analysis

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Internan & External Analysis - Chap 2 & 3

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Internal & External Analysis
  1. Internal Analysis
    1. Competitiva Advantage
      1. Distinctive Competencies
        1. Value Creation
          1. ¨Profitability
          2. Excelente and Reliability
          3. Primary Activities
            1. Design, creation, delivery product, MKT, after-sales service.
              1. Value Chain
                1. Example
              2. Support Activities
                1. HR
                  1. Logistics
                    1. Company Infraestructure
                      1. Information Systems
                      2. Weakness
                        1. Strength
                          1. Value Creation Cycle
                            1. Company Profitability
                              1. Imitaction
                              2. External Analysis
                                1. Industry
                                  1. Group of companies offering products or services (close substitutos for each other).
                                    1. Industry Life Cycle
                                    2. Customer Oriented View
                                      1. Sector
                                        1. Group of close related industries
                                        2. Coca Cola
                                          1. Market Segments
                                            1. Groups of customers within a market that can be differentiated from each other
                                            2. Changes
                                              1. Competitive Forces
                                                1. Potential Competitors
                                                  1. Economices of Scale
                                                    1. Brand Loyalty
                                                      1. Cost Advantages
                                                        1. Is enjoyed by incumbents in an industry and that new entrants cannot expect to match.
                                                          1. Superior production operations
                                                            1. Control of particular inputs required for production
                                                              1. Access to cheaper funds
                                                            2. Customer Switching Costs
                                                              1. Arise when a customer invests time, energy, and money
                                                              2. Government Regulatiosn
                                                              3. Rivalry Among Established Companies
                                                                1. Industry Competitive Structure
                                                                  1. Number and size distribution of companies
                                                                    1. Intensity of rivalry
                                                                    2. Industry demand
                                                                      1. Cost Conditions
                                                                        1. Exit Barriers
                                                                          1. Investment in assets
                                                                            1. High fide cost
                                                                              1. Emotional attachments to an industry
                                                                          2. Bargaining Power of Buyers
                                                                            1. When the buyers have choce of who to buy from
                                                                              1. When the buyers parchase in large quantities
                                                                                1. When the supply industry depends upon buyers
                                                                            2. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
                                                                              1. Few substitutes
                                                                                1. Profitability of suppliers is not significante affected
                                                                                  1. Suppliers can enter the customer industry
                                                                              2. Substitute products
                                                                                1. Complements
                                                                                  1. Stratgic Groups within Industry
                                                                                    1. Example: Aerospace Industry
                                                                                  2. Macro Environment Roles

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