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contents for 4th term test
1 Grammar
1.1 present perfect
1.1.1 Laura’s dad has interviewed
1.1.2 I’ve been writing
1.1.3 She’s been a journalist since 2011
1.1.4 I haven’t read Jay Z’s autobiography yet
1.1.5 Have you ever been to a TV studio?
1.1.6 Adam has just downloaded the new black eyed peas’ album
1.1.7 I still don’t understand
1.1.8 we use already when you have do somecing I have already done my bed
1.1.9 we use yet when your are going to do something but yo haven't do it i haven't do my bed yet
1.2 comparatives
1.2.1 to compare two things we add -er to the verbs that is more bigger than the other when the verbs end in Y we cross out the Y and we put i and then we add -er when the verb end in E we nly add the r exceptions good - better bad - worse Far- fader
2 Vocabulary
2.1 spot the diference
2.1.1 empty
2.1.2 put
2.1.3 vacuum
2.1.4 hung
2.1.5 clean
2.1.6 iron
2.1.7 sweep
2.1.8 clear
2.2 bars and melody
2.2.1 Self-esteem
2.2.2 Strength
2.2.3 Optimism
2.2.4 Self-confidence
2.2.5 Hope
2.2.6 Creativity
2.3 page 35
2.3.1 If a famous person give you their Autograph, they sing their name somewhere
2.3.2 A journalist is a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, TV etc
2.3.3 5) The first time they show a film at the cinema in known as the
2.3.6 If you really like a musician, actor, etc you’re a fan
2.3.7 Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and film are all examples of the Media
2.3.9 Famous people particularly pop stars, actors, and TV presenters are sometimes known as
2.3.10 When a film comes out you can go and see it at the cinema
2.4 page 39
2.4.1 happier
2.4.2 Impossible
2.4.3 popular
2.4.4 famous
2.4.5 comfortable
2.4.6 celebrity
2.5 parkeur
2.5.1 Breathtaking
2.5.2 Complicated=hard=harsh
2.5.3 Unusual= weird
2.5.4 Unbelievable
2.5.5 Striking= impacting
2.5.6 Dangerous
2.5.7 Special
2.5.8 Brave
2.5.9 Exciting
2.5.10 Amazing= awesome= stunning
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