Newton's Laws and Momentum

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Created by SarahBarrett over 5 years ago
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Newton's Laws and Momentum
1 Momentum and Impulse
1.1 momentum = mass x velocity
1.2 Momentum is always conserved
1.2.1 total mu = total mv
1.2.2 Even in inelastic collisions In elastic collisions kinetic energy is conserved, it isn't in inelastic ones
1.3 Impulse is a change in momentum
1.4 F = (mv-mu)/t
1.4.1 Ft = mv - mu
1.4.2 I.e. in crumple zones were t is increased F is decreased
2 Newton's Laws of Motion
2.1 1st Law - A force is needed to change velocity
2.1.1 If the resultant forces aren't balanced, then an object will accelerate
2.2 2nd Law - Force is the rate of change in momentum (F=ma if the mass is unchanging)
2.2.1 The resultant force is the vector sum of all forces and acceleration is always in the same direction as the resultant force
2.3 3rd Law - If object A exerts a force on object B, then object B exerts an equal but opposite force on object B

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