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Ana Henao
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1 Personal information
1.1 My name is Ana Estefania Henao, I am from Medellin, I live in San cristobal, I am twenty-four years old.
2 contact information
2.1 My addres email, my phone number 301-409-6973, my house addres street 63 BC # 105-175
3 Friends
3.1 Eddy Vanessa is one my best friend since the school, Alejandra and David Camilo are my best friends since the university. i love all of tem
4 My Family
4.1 Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Son, Nephew
4.1.1 My mother is Luz Marina, my Father is Ivan Alberto, my brother is Daniel and my sister is Maria Paulina, My son is Emiliano and nephew is Dante, My pet is a dog Cogollo.
5 Occupation
5.1 To Work, to study
5.1.1 I am a chemical technologists, I work at the National University of Colombia, I study english on weekends
6 Routine
6.1 Get up, take a shower, get a dress, have breakfast, brush my teeth, go to work
6.1.1 I get up at five and a half in the morning, I take a shower and then get dressed, later I have breakfast and brush my teeth, around at six-thirty i go to work.
7 Hobbies
7.1 to run, to read, to listen to music, to draw, to ride a bike
7.1.1 I run on weekends, I read in free time, I listen to music all the time, I draw freed time, I ride bike in the week.
8 likes & deslikes
8.1 likes: Motorcicle, nature , animal, to race
8.1.1 I love motorcicles and watch racing moto Gp , I like nature by the tranquility that conveys how beautiful it can be found in it, I like animals by the unconditional love that can provide
8.2 Deslikes: cruelty to animals, the destruction of nature..
8.2.1 I dislike cruelty to animals and destruction of nature.
9 Personality Traits
9.1 Friendly, kind, optimistic, curioso, respectful, carefree
9.1.1 I am frendly and kind, I am optimistic and respectful, I am curious and carefree.
10 Physical description
10.1 Blond hair, long hair, Green eyes, mediun height, white woman. freckles
10.1.1 I am a pale woman of medium height, I have blond and long hair, I have green eyes and i have freckles.
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