GCSE Physics Unit 1 AQA

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Mindmap of GCSE Physics Unit 1 AQA

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GCSE Physics Unit 1 AQA
  1. Energy transfer by heating
    1. Infrared radiation
      1. Infrared radiation is energy transfer by electromagnetic waves
        1. All objects emit infrared radiation
          1. The hotter an object is the more infrared radiation it emits in a given time
          2. Surfaces and radiation
            1. Dark matt surfaces emit infrared radiation more quickly than light, shiny surfaces
              1. Dark matt surfaces absorb infrared radiation more quickly than light, shiny surfaces
                1. Light shiny surfaces reflect more infrared radiation than dark, matt surfaces
                2. States of matter
                  1. Flow, shape, volume and density are the properties used to describe each state of matter
                    1. The particles in a solid are held next to each other, vibrating in their fixed positions
                      1. The particles in a liquid move about a random and are in contact with each other
                        1. The particles in a gas move about randomly are are much farther apart than particles in a solid or liquid
                        2. Conduction
                          1. Metals are the best conductors
                            1. Materials such as wool and fibreglass are good insulators
                              1. Conduction in a metal is mainly due to free electrons transferring energy inside the metal
                                1. Non-metals are poor conductors because they do not contain free electrons
                                2. Convection
                                  1. Convection is the circulation of a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by heating it
                                    1. Convection takes place only in liquids and gases (fluids)
                                      1. Heating a liquid or a gas makes it less dense so it rises and causes circulation
                                      2. Evaporation and condensation
                                        1. Evaporation is when a liquid turns into a gas
                                          1. Condensation is when a gas turns into a liquid
                                          2. Energy transfer by design
                                            1. The rate of energy transfer to or from an object depends on:
                                              1. The shape, size and type of material of the object
                                                1. The materials the object is in contact with
                                                  1. The temperature difference between the object and its surroundings
                                                2. specific heat capacity
                                                  1. The greater the mass of an object, the more slowly its temperature increases when it is heated
                                                    1. The rate of temperature change in a substance when heated depends on the energy transferred to it, its mass and its specific heat capacity
                                                    2. Heating and Insulating buildings
                                                      1. The rate of energy transfer to or from our homes can be reduced
                                                        1. U-values tell us how much energy per second passes through different materials. The lower the U-value the better the materials as an insulator
                                                          1. Solar heating panels do not use fuel to heat water but they are expensive to buy an install
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