Spring Core

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Short guide about spring and a good study guide

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Spring Core
  1. Lightweight


    • The basic version of spring is around 2 MB
    1. Inversion of Control(IoC)
      1. IoC promove the loose coupling, It minimizes the amount of code, it make easy to test application since you dont need JNDI, it uses dependency injection
        1. Dependency Injection
          1. Is a technique that says that you don't create your object, but you have to describe how they should be created. You don't connect your components but you describe them
        2. Container
          1. Is the basic Spring module that provide all functionalities to Springs applications
            1. BeanFactory
              1. Is an implementation of Factory pattern


                • Sirve para construir una jerarquia de clases, encapsular la logica de creacion al cliente, y el cliente trabaja con una referencia
                1. ApplicationContext: Is a subinterfaz of bean factory it provides extra functionalities as handle resources and internationalisation
                  1. Spring Bean
                    1. they are the objects that form the backbone of your application those objects are handle by the spring container, you configure them for xml, annotations or java configurations
                      1. Scopes
                        1. Global session
                          1. Return a new instance for global Http session is common in portlets applications
                          2. Singleton
                            1. The container create only one bean and store it in cache and when the application try to get this bean the container return the same instance
                            2. Prototype
                              1. Return a new instance each time it requested
                              2. Session
                                1. Return a new instance per http session
                                2. Request
                                  1. Return a new instance each per http request
                              3. Bean wiring
                                1. You can wiring beans between them without construct args or properties
                                  1. By Name
                                    1. By Type
                                      1. By contructor
                                        1. Autodetect
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