"The Flea" by John Donne

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"The Flea" by John Donne
1 Donne, although unconvincing, uses a metaphysical conceit of a flea to perfomatively seduce his lover of his clear sexual intentions of her in a witty and creative way.
1.1 Form of Poem
1.1.1 Metaphysical Conceit "sex is like mingling of blood in the belly of flea"
1.1.2 Tone "sucking" "mingling" "pampered" Seductive, without being gruesome, sleazy
1.1.3 Imagism
2 Main Argument
2.1 The strucuture of the poem illustrates the speakers intention of persuasion through wit rather than logical reasoning.
2.1.1 The end-stopping of the lines convey a logical rather than effusive display, which show the speaker persuading the lover from wit rather than intellectual organization.
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