R.E. Classroom Practice: Teaching about Jesus

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Created by bec_stims over 5 years ago
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R.E. Classroom Practice: Teaching about Jesus
1 Difficult Topics
1.1 Alternatives
1.1.1 Avoid topic
1.1.2 Defer to a later stage
1.2 Should be
1.2.1 Taught sequentially Spiral Curriculum
1.2.2 Cognitively developed overtime
1.3 Strategy for teaching
1.3.1 Recognition Orientation Research Focus Response Educational goals Teaching strategies Review and consolidation
1.4 E.g. The Trinity
1.4.1 Requires strong conceptual knowledge
2 Teaching and Learning Strategies
2.1 Historical/Cultural
2.1.1 Familiar - used in other curriculum areas
2.1.2 Most common Sometimes used when there is lack of content knowledge
2.2 Scripture
2.2.1 Jesus the Teacher
2.2.2 Parables
2.3 Experiential - WWJD?
2.3.1 Keep it real
3 Implementation
3.1 Discrepencies
3.1.1 Actual classroom lessons Improving classroom practice Teacher assistance Program development Strategies for teaching Encouragement & support
3.1.2 Curriculum
3.1.3 Guideline Documents

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