Problems of the Weimar Republic 1919-1923

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Problems of the Weimar Republic 1919-1923
1 Armed Revolts
1.1 Spartacist Revolt 1919
1.1.1 The Spartacist League-Communist group set up by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. Didn't trust new government.
1.1.2 Berlin- 5th of January 1919
1.1.4 The day after the uprising,Elbert created a volunteer force of 4,000 ex-soldiers known as the Freikorps. They disliked the Communists, by the 15th of January they crushed the Spartacist. Leaders were arrested and shot during police transportation by a member of the Freikorps
1.2 Kapp Putsch
1.2.1 Berlin- 1st of January 1920
1.2.2 Freikorps (right wing) lead by Wolfgang Kapp
1.2.3 In 1920 the government ordered that the Feirkorps brigades be disbanded. Left wing groups had been crushed.
1.2.4 12,000 Freikorps marched to Berlin. Govn forced to flee.Kapp put forward as new leader.
2 Treaty of Versailles
2.1 Germans were to pay £6,600 million in annual installments (reparations)
2.2 Germany were given all the blame
2.3 Germans were forced to get rid of a lot of their military, weapons and soldiers.
2.4 Rhineland was demilitarised.
2.5 Loss of colonies.
3 Economic Problems
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