Quote Analysis of Abel Magwitch

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GCSE English Literature (Abel Magwitch) Mind Map on Quote Analysis of Abel Magwitch, created by Emma Waring on 04/14/2016.

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Quote Analysis of Abel Magwitch
  1. 'limped, and shivered, and glared and growled'
    1. Like a wounded animal
    2. 'eluding the hands of the dead people'
      1. He is that close to death
      2. 'hugged his shuddering body'
        1. He is cold
          1. The marshes are treacherous + unforgiving
          2. 'in comparison with which young man I am a Angel.'
            1. Fictitious. There is no young man
              1. The reader can see how desperate he is. Sympathy
              2. "poor wretched warmint is!' Something clicked in his throat"
                1. The reader can guess that he is on the verge of tears
                  1. He is so thankful to Pip, who has essentially saved his life
                  2. 'took strong, sharp, sudden bites, just like the dog...snapped up'
                    1. A dog does not know when it will eat again, so it eats everything as soon as it gets it. Same for Magwitch
                      1. Dehumanising him (as a convict he is treated as less than a human being)
                        1. Animalistic description
                        2. 'said my friend'
                          1. Dual narrative, older Pip's POV
                            1. The reader knows he will be a good person
                            2. 'Then I'm sorry to say , I've eat your pie.'
                              1. Confesses to stealing the vittles, file and pie so that Pip won't get into trouble
                                1. Shows his goodness, thoughtfulness + kind heart
                                2. 'arter having looked for'ard so distant, and come so fur'
                                  1. Eye dialect forces a relationship between Magwitch and the reader, we read it as how he speaks
                                    1. The reader can sympathise with him, due to the relationship established
                                    2. 'deliberate affection'
                                      1. He is proud of Pip
                                        1. Truly loves Pip
                                        2. 'his eyes were full of tears'
                                          1. He has been looking forward to seeing Pip for so long
                                            1. When Pip does not reciprocate his love + affection, he is disappointed
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