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1 Plants and algae are producers
1.1 They make their own food.
2 Algae differ from plants
2.1 They can be unicellular or multicellular organisms
2.2 They live underwater while most plants live on land.
2.3 Algae do not have stems or roots
3 Animals are consumers
3.1 They have to eat other organisms
3.2 They break down the organism during digestion
3.3 This releases nutrients which are then used by the body
4 Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction in which plants take in carbon dioxide and water and change them into glucose
4.1 Oxygen is made
4.1.1 This releases nutrients, which are then used by the body
4.2 The word equation shows the process of photosynthesis: carbon dioxide + water ------> glucose + oxygen
5 Photosynthesis mainly takes place in chloroplasts in the leaf cells
6 Water diffuses into the root hair cells
6.1 It is then transported around the plant
6.2 They travel through tubes
6.2.1 These tubes are called xylem tubes
6.3 As water evaporates from the leaves, more water is drawn up through the plant.
7 On the underside of the plant there are tiny holes. These allow gases to diffuse into the leaf
7.1 Carbon dioxide diffuses into the leaf, and oxygen diffuses out
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