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Quote Analysis of Mrs Joe
1 'Mrs Joe Gargery'
1.1 Shows emotional gap between her + Pip
1.2 Class + station set by husband
2 'Joe Gargery and I were both brought up by hand.'
2.1 Mothered without love
2.2 Physical abuse
3 'washed herself with a nutmeg-grater instead of soap.'
3.1 Rough, like how she treats Pip + Joe
3.2 Shows her coarseness
4 'impregnable bib in front, that was stuck full of pins and needles.'
4.1 Shows her sharp nature
4.2 She causes pain, painful to be close to her
4.3 To prevent any advances from Joe
4.4 Spiteful, unloving
5 'she jammed the loaf hard and fast against her bib - where it sometimes got a pin into it'
5.1 Painful relationship
5.2 She causes pain, no motherly love or intentions
6 'using both sides of the knife with a slapping dexterity'
6.1 Violent
6.2 Has practised by always beating Pip + Joe
7 'What's the matter now?'
7.1 Has to know everything
7.2 Impatient
8 'Ask no questions and you'll be told no lies.'
8.1 She does not want Pip to ask questions, he should stay quiet
9 'her name was Georgiana M'ria from her own mother'
9.1 Discover her name from Pumblechook in Chapter 58
9.2 Lacks her own identity, mothers name, Joe's name/station. Same for Pip
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