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Quote Analysis of Pip
  1. The opening sentence
    1. About the search for identity
      1. A pip is small, but grows into something great
      2. 'Philip Pirrip, late of this parish'
        1. Named after his father, lack of identity, same as Mrs Joe
        2. 'small bundle of shivers'
          1. Small, fragile
          2. 'Mrs Joe Gargery'
            1. Shows emotional gap between the siblings
            2. 'Tickler was a wax-ended piece of cane, worn smooth by collision with my tickled frame.'
              1. He is often beaten + physically abused
                1. Has affected his emotional well-being
                2. Tickles are not meant to be painful
                3. 'The guilty knowledge that I was going to rob Mrs Joe'
                  1. Very aware of right + wrong from a young age
                    1. Always has a guilty conscience
                      1. Very strong moral conscience
                      2. 'It was Christmas Eve'
                        1. Is not important to Pip as it is not mentioned till mid Chapter 2
                          1. Not as fun to celebrate for Pip
                          2. 'you are unwilling to play, are you willing to work?...I was quite willing'
                            1. He does not know how to play
                              1. More comfortable working, as he knows how to work, has always worked
                              2. 'Handel'
                                1. No identity
                                  1. Reminded constantly of his past, cannot escape it
                                  2. 'As soon as I could recover myself sufficiently, I hurried out after him'
                                    1. Feels some guilt, but not for long
                                      1. Joe's visit
                                        1. Waited for him to go, then only went after him to make himself feel better
                                        2. 'As she looked at me in giving me the purse, I hoped there was an inner meaning in her words.'
                                          1. Wishful thinking
                                            1. He believes Estella knows that they are going to be married, his interpretation
                                              1. His interpretations shape the reader's
                                                1. His love for her is hopeless
                                                2. 'I never had one hour's happiness in her society'
                                                  1. Destructive love
                                                    1. Addiction
                                                    2. Chapter 38 is dedicated to his most defining relationship, Estella
                                                      1. Shows the strength of his love for her
                                                      2. 'Richmond should ever come to be haunted when I am dead, it will be haunted, surely, by my ghost.'
                                                        1. Idea of lifelong love
                                                        2. 'never taking another penny from him, think what I owe him already!'
                                                          1. Does not want to owe a criminal, dirty money
                                                          2. 'I am fit for nothing.'
                                                            1. Realises that being a gentleman is not everything
                                                              1. Questions the value of gentleman's education
                                                                1. Beginning of Pip's true education, to become a good person
                                                                2. 'I had felt great pity for him.'
                                                                  1. He starts to change to be a better person
                                                                    1. Feels more pity + less horror towards Magwitch
                                                                    2. 'I want forgiveness and direction far too much, to be bitter with you.'
                                                                      1. Knows he has made mistakes so is willing to forgive Miss H
                                                                        1. Shows his growth + redemption
                                                                        2. 'only good thing I had done'
                                                                          1. Paying for Herbert's job at Clarriker's House
                                                                            1. Aware that he has done little good
                                                                            2. 'my thanklessness to Joe, as through the brazen imposter Pumblechook.'
                                                                              1. Realises Pumblechook is false + self-serving, Joe is generous, true + does not care how he seems, only how he is.
                                                                                1. Pip is growing as a person
                                                                                  1. Realises Pumblechook + Joe are opposites
                                                                                  2. Chapter 53 is a about redemption
                                                                                    1. 'I'll put your body in the kiln'
                                                                                      1. Takes fire again to bring out the bad
                                                                                        1. Pip is purified during Orlick's attempt to murder him
                                                                                        2. 'I'll never stir from your side'
                                                                                          1. Pip has truly come to love Magwitch
                                                                                            1. He has become a good person
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