earthquakes and tsunami

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GCSE geography (tectonic activity) Mind Map on earthquakes and tsunami, created by wilson2404 on 01/30/2014.

Created by wilson2404 over 5 years ago
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earthquakes and tsunami
1 kope, japan, 1995
1.1 rich part of the world
1.2 richer scale 7.2
1.3 on a destructive plate margin
1.4 primary effect
1.4.1 200,000 buildings were destroyed
1.4.2 roads and railway lines were destroyed
1.5 secondary effect
1.5.1 large fires broke out due to broken gas pipes
1.5.2 5500 people died; 300,000 were made homelesss
2 Pakistan, 2005
2.1 poor part of the world
2.2 79,000+ people killed. 100,000 injured. 3.3 million left homeless.
2.3 7.6 Richter scale
2.4 destructive plate margin
2.5 primary effects.
2.5.1 over 1 million buildings were destroyed
2.5.2 rural areas because inaccessible by road
2.6 secondary effect.
2.6.1 disease spread due to lack of water/ healthcare
2.6.2 73, 000 died; 3 million were made homeless
3 causes of earthquak
3.1 3) stored energy is released in just seconds and travels outwards from the epicentre as shock waves
3.2 2) suddenly, the crustal rock breaks underground at a weak point in he rock (focus)
3.3 1) plates are locked together by friction, and pressure builds over many years
4 boxing day tsunami
4.1 2004, 26 december
4.2 richer scale, 9.2
4.3 destructive plate margin
4.4 this effected a lot of country's
4.5 effects
4.5.1 11 countries, including Indonesia, sir lank, India, and tialand were affected.
4.5.2 1.7 million people were made homeless
4.5.3 230,000 people were confirmed dead or missing
4.5.4 a series of tsunamis spread out from the site of the earthquakes, travelling 500mph across the India ocean.
4.5.5 as the waves approached the coast line, they slued and rose to 30m high.

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