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FCE ingles Mind Map on Vocabulary, created by LORETO ELRIO LOPEZ on 04/16/2016.

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1 Others
1.1 Buckle under the pressure
1.1.1 Collapse under pressure
1.2 Bond with our sofas
1.2.1 To be comfortable with your sofa
1.3 Trappings
1.3.1 Ornaments
1.4 Mould
1.4.1 A fungus that grows that grows on the food
1.5 Tenements
1.5.1 Memories
1.6 Fringed
1.6.1 Anything resembling
1.7 Draped
1.7.1 Covered
1.8 Thicket
1.8.1 Bush
1.9 To broach
1.9.1 Mention a theme
2 Cinema
2.1 Films
2.1.1 Thriller Suspense film
2.1.2 Romantic comedy Funny film about love
2.1.3 Animated film A film made with computers
2.1.4 Sci-fi flm Film about aliens, spaceships...
2.1.5 Horror film Scary film
2.1.6 Costume drama Historical film
2.2 More film vocabulary
2.2.1 The latest release New film
2.2.2 Credits Words on the screen at the end that tell you who played who, and who was the cameraman, set designer...
2.2.3 Titles Bit at the start of the film that tells you the name of the film, the actors and director.
2.2.4 Soundtrack Songs and background music of a film
2.2.5 Multiplex Big cinema with lots of screens
2.2.6 Scrreen test Short scene filmed to find out if the actor is good in a particular part
2.2.7 Trailer Short film made to advertise a new film
2.2.8 Rushes Film before it is edited
2.3 Film/Movie
2.3.1 UK/USA
2.4 Adjectives
2.4.1 Action packed Full of action
2.4.2 Slow action Slow story
2.4.3 Spine chilling Scary
2.4.4 Heart warming Encouraging
2.4.5 Far fetched Bizarre
2.4.6 Breathtaking Exciting
2.4.7 Hard hitting Big impact
2.4.8 Ruthless Determinated
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