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Vocabulario friends

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1 Verbs
1.1 Catch up /on sth-ponerse al día
1.2 Put Sb down-hablar ma de alguien
1.3 Count on sb
1.4 put sb up -dar alojamiento
1.5 Put up with sb- aceptar/tolerar
1.6 Get away-escaparse de vacaciones
1.7 Get on well-Llevarse bien
1.8 Get on with sb-llevarse con
1.9 Fall out with sb -enemistarse/pelearse
1.10 Tell sb off-echar bronca/regañar
1.11 Meet up with sb-reunirse con
1.12 take care of
1.12.1 loof after
1.13 To allow sb to do sth-permitir hacer algo a alguien
2 Adjetives
2.1 Generous/selfish
2.2 popular/unpopular
2.3 patien/impatient
2.4 misunderstanding
2.5 greedy-ávaro
2.6 envious
2.7 outgoing
2.8 helpful/unhelpful
2.9 faithful/unfaithful-fiel/leal-infiel/desleal
2.10 friendly
2.11 self-confident
2.12 corageous/coward
2.13 Tolerant
2.14 Humble-Humilde
2.15 Considerate
3 Relation
3.1 Relationship
3.2 partner
3.3 Friendship
4 Best friend
4.1 bossom friend
4.2 Close friend
4.3 Trusted friend
4.4 Lasting friendship
5 Senteces
5.1 Friends: a family whose members are chosen
5.2 To have a good firend, you must be one yourself
5.3 A true friend helsp you to find a solution to the problem
5.4 The thing/one thing/what+I+ (don´t)like/love/hate/admire+about...+is....
5.4.1 the thing that/One thing that/What+ amazes/annoys/worries/upsets+ me about.....+is..... And stuff like that
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