Spring MVC

Juan Carlos Joya Carvajal
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Juan Carlos Joya Carvajal
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High School Certificate Programer Mind Map on Spring MVC, created by Juan Carlos Joya Carvajal on 04/19/2016.

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Spring MVC
1 MVC Architecture
2 request-driven


  • Es basado en peticiones
3 DispatcherServlet
3.1 Handle all http requests, but also give all functionalities of Spring IoC container, whit this servlet you can use all features that spring offers
3.2 <context:annotation-config> Scanning and activating annotations in “already registered beans”
3.3 <context:component-scan> Bean Registration + Scanning and activating annotations
4 Spring web anotations
4.1 @Controller
4.1.1 mark a class like a controller
4.2 @RestController
4.2.1 it's a controller + responseBody, remove the necessity to use responseBody in each method
4.3 @Component
4.3.1 marks a java class as a bean
4.4 @Repository
4.4.1 Marks the Dao class
4.5 Service
4.5.1 Marks as a service manager is for semantic
5 ViewResolver
5.1 it's an interface to be implemented by objects that can resolve views by name
6 MultipartResolver
6.1 handle file upload in web application, To define an implementation, create a bean with the id “multipartResolver”
7 HandlerExceptionResolver
7.1 register one or more exception resolver beans in the web application context to resolve uncaught exceptions
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