conditional sentences

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conditional sentences
1 without if
1.1 ways to express condition without using an if-clause
1.2 words that signalise conditional
1.2.1 provided Provided we get the money for the project, we will continue for another year. (If we get the money…)
1.2.2 unless Unless you work harder, you will fail the test. (If you don’t work harder…)
1.2.3 so long as So long as the chemicals have been properly dissolved, they cannot do any harm. (If the chemicals have been…)
1.2.4 in case of In case of an emergency, ring 911. (If there is an emergency…)
1.2.5 ...
1.3 English Newsletter 2016/2
1.4 reversed word order of subject and verb
1.4.1 were Were this to happen, we would be in dire straights. (If this were to happen, …)
1.4.2 had Had I known you were here, I would have invited you to lunch. (If i had known, ...)
1.4.3 shoud Should you decide to enrol in this course, you will need to take the placement test. (If you devide to enrol ...)
1.4.4 Occasionally "if" can be dropped, provided that the word order of the subject and verb is reversed.
1.4.5 This reversal of subject and verb to express condition is similar in German, but note that it only can be used in the three cases were, had and should
1.5 spoken English
1.5.1 you You want to get ahead in life, be sure to get a good education. (If you want to get ahead in life, be sure ...) usually only used with you
1.6 modal verbs
1.6.1 can/could If we study hard, we can improve our grades. (Conditional I) If we studied hard, we could improve our grades. (Conditional II) If we had studied hard, we could have improved our grades. (Conditional III)
1.6.2 may/might
1.6.3 Often modal verbs are used in the main clause to qualify or tone down what the speaker wishes to express or even to offer possibilities
2 if condition
2.1 if clause (type 1)
2.2 if clause (type 2)
2.3 if clause (type 3
2.4 English Newsletter 2016/1
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