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Computer Programming

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Programming language
1 A programming language is a special language used to create instructions for computers to follow. Programming languages allow programmers to communicate with computers and viceversa.
1.1 Programming languages use interpreters that transform the code from a language we understand to one computers use.
1.2 Programming languages are used to create the software that allows computers to do things.
1.2.1 Without programming languages, computers are just a box with a ton of potential but the ability to do nothing.
1.3 There are hundreds of computer languages and each have different characteristics that make it better for one task or another. Like human languages, their main goal is communication and all programming languages share similarities with each other, if only at a most basic level.
1.3.1 Anyone can make a new language, all you need is sufficient technical skill. Some languages are even based of one another!
2 Why Python?
2.1 Python is a good introductory language for new programmers because it is:
2.1.1 Clear
2.1.2 Concide
2.1.3 Organized
2.1.4 Simple
2.1.5 Easy to set up
2.1.6 Written in English


2.2 Python is one of the 8 most used programming languages.
2.3 Python is an open source language which means it is free to use and distribute for everyone.


2.4 Applications that use Python include:


2.4.1 Youtube
2.4.2 Dropbox
2.4.3 Instagram
2.4.4 Google
2.4.5 Reddit
2.4.6 Spotify
3 Computers present a world of boundless possibilities, and programming languages allow anyone to tap into this universe
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