Forces and Motion

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Created by HJ999 over 5 years ago
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Forces and Motion
1 Speed
1.1 s=d/t
1.1.1 Speed=distance/time
1.2 Units
1.2.1 Speed m/s
1.2.2 Distance m
1.2.3 Time s
1.3 Amount of time taken for an object to cover a distance
1.3.1 How fast it is going
2 Weight
2.1 w=mg
2.1.1 Weight=mass x gravity
2.2 It is measured in Newtons (N)
2.2.1 It is the force of an object due to mass and the amount of gravity
3 Force
3.1 f=ma
3.1.1 Force=mass x acceleration
4 Terminal Velocity
4.1 Terminal Velocity is when an object falls at a constant velocity in a fluid as the forces acting on it are equal
5 Work Done
5.1 w=fd
5.1.1 Work= force x distance
5.2 The units are Joules (J)
5.3 Work done calcuates how much enegry is needed to push an object with a force, a distance
6 Newtons Laws
6.1 First Law
6.1.1 An object will continue to be either stationary or move in a straight line at constant speed, unless resultant force acting on it
6.2 Second Law
6.2.1 Force on object directly proportional to its mass times acceleration f=ma
6.3 Third Law
6.3.1 Every force applied to object surface there is opposite equal reaction force

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