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1 Cow (cattle)
1.1 Water
1.2 Food
1.2.1 Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) ... insert notes about adverse and positive effects of CAFOs
1.3 Land
1.3.1 Infrastructure
1.3.2 Degredation
1.4 Immunisations
1.4.1 medical companies
1.5 Slaughter
1.5.1 Transportation To the butchers Tools steel and aluminium production energy Packaging synthetic plastic production Waste Refridgeration Roads and Infrastructure Trucks
1.6 Transportation
1.6.1 Cattle Yards Infrastructure
1.7 Note: There are also dairy cows and draft animals
1.8 Waste
2 From animal to beef
2.1 Abattoir
2.1.1 Infrastructure Cold Room tools construction
3 Shops
3.1 Money
3.2 Transportation
3.2.1 Home Waste
3.3 Plastic Bags
3.3.1 Manufactoring
3.3.2 waste
3.4 Receipts / Dockets
3.4.1 Factory forestry water use transport infrastructure
3.5 Marketing
3.5.1 Independant firms TV Radio Catalogues and other print media paper wood foresty ink water waste recycling water Headquarters Building Utilities Concrete steel wokers Transport to work Billboards
4 Cooking
4.1 BBQ
4.2 Fry Pan
4.2.1 steel manufactoring utilities
4.3 utilities
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