Othello: Language, Form, Structure

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AS - Level English literature (Othello) Mind Map on Othello: Language, Form, Structure, created by Tamsin Hackett on 04/21/2016.

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Othello: Language, Form, Structure
1 Imagery
1.1 Colour - darkness etc.
1.2 Animal - ram/ewe, Othello uses it more as he becomes more like Iago
1.3 Disease/poison - associated with corruption, Iago's manipulation
1.4 Hell - Iago and his deception, racial slur
2 Irony
2.1 Creates suspense and adds interest
2.1.1 Dramatic - audience knows Desdemona is innocent throughout
2.1.2 Verbal - 'Honest Iago', Iago's warning of jealousy when those are his intentions
2.2 Cassio wanted dead - only one not murdered
2.3 Dramatic irony makes audience feel a part of the play
3 Writing Style
3.1 Mostly iambic pentameter/blank verse - used by noble characters
3.2 Characters lower on social scale - prose
3.3 Othello's blank verse establishes heroism, authority, intelligence
3.4 Iago slips between prose and verse - adapts to different audiences/purposes
4 Repetition
4.1 Othello's langauge repetition to emphasis message
4.2 Repetition of key themes
4.3 Builds suspense e.g. before/after Desdemona death
5 Opposites
5.1 Black/white - Othello/Desdemona linked with evil/good
5.2 Good/evil - perceived evil of Othello as outsider, goodness of Desdemona etc, Othello see self as 'honourable murderer'
5.3 Innocence/experience - Desdemona/Emilia view of fidelity, naive characters/Iago
5.4 Light/dark - bad things done in the dark 'put out the light', final murders, drunken brawl etc. Light - Des' purity
5.5 Appearance/reality - Iago, Desdemona
6 Personification
6.1 For jealousy - 'green eyed monser'
6.2 To add to drama and emphasise themes
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